About Me

A little information about me and why I decided to become a web developer.

Joe Elmore

I am a 40 something year old freelance web developer from southeast Kentucky. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems from Morehead State University. I grew up in and around Louisville Kentucky so moving to a rural area was a big change for me. There are advantages to both city life and rural life but I enjoy the quiet beauty of the mountains around where I am now. I am a christian and my faith is very important to me. Family is also important to me and my son, who is in the picture to the right with me, loves computers as much as I do. When I’m not designing websites I like to walk, go to the movies, spend time with my family and learn about anything that involves computers. I also really enjoy helping others so being a web developer allows me to do that.


I have loved computers ever since my parents bought me a Commodore 64 when I was a kid. I played tons of games of course but I also enjoyed writing programs in the Basic language. As I got older I played more games 🙂 but I also continued to learn more about programming and using software to it’s fullest extent. Around the year 2000 I started learning how to create websites by taking a college course on Microsoft FrontPage. Soon after that I taught myself HTML. I remember using tables to position and seperate everything on webpages and boy am I glad we don’t do that anymore. Through the years I have taught myself how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and WordPress to develop professional, interactive, responsive websites. The good thing is I really enjoy designing websites so that helps me stay motivated to keep learning the latest technology. If you are in need of a website please contact me to learn how I can help you turn your vision into a reality.