As I am just starting on this journey these sites are for businesses that do not exist. I made them up so I could show examples of what I can create. Keep in mind that sites I would design for an actual client would have more content in them.

Joe Kelly Photography

This site is of course for a photography business. Some of the best photos taken are displayed on the homepage. A custom gallery is used throughout the site. Images zoom in when you hover over them. The homepage also displays contact information.

The galleries are split into categories. The pricing page has information listed in tables. The middle table is highlighted. The contact page has information and a contact form.

The goal of the site is to highlight the photos to draw in potential clients.

Joe’s Sports Cards

This website is for a business that sells sports cards. It features an online shop where the cards can be purchased. There are three categories of products: baseball cards, football cards and basketball cards. Each category has it’s own pages and cards that are on sale are featured on the home page.

The about us page has a section showing the people who own and work at the business. The contact us page has a contact form and a map showing how to get to the physical location. The site focuses on a clean, minimal design to highlight the purpose which is selling products.

Joe’s Car Wash And Detailing

This site is for a business that washes cars and does detail work. There is a catchy phrase at the top of the home page which will help potential customers remember the business. Images are very important to this site as it shows the business does a good job of getting cars clean.

The home page features photos and text showing the playground and waiting room the business offers. The services page shows the different packages you can purchase in an accordian style layout. There is a gallery page focusing on some of the best work the business has done. The about page has awards the business has won for their work. The employment page has listings of job openings and the contact page includes a contact form, map and physical address information. The three buttons on the home page have a nice hover effect.

Elmore Memorial Park

This is a website for a park so the design is much different from that of a business. The design is meant to encourage whoever views the site to visit the park. Images are important here as well as the tone of the text.

There are pages for things to do and lodging with several categories for each. There is a hover effect for the elements on those pages. The gallery page features images of the park and it’s wildlife. The specials page has some discounts listed which also have hover effects. An information page has general information as well as directions from several different cities. The contact form and map are at the bottom of every page on the site to stress the importance of these features.

Joe’s Steak House

This website is for a restaurant that has been around for several years. The site showcases why the restaurant has been so successful. Content is meant to attract new customers and provide useful information for existing customers.

The home page has a section describing the atmosphere along with discounts that are available. The menu page is kept simple and features a nice hover effect for each item. A custom timeline effect was added to the about page. The contact page has a map and physical address with phone number.